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Magma Fiber General Information

Acid soluble drilling mud and completion/workover fluid additive

What is Magma Fiber?

Magma Fiber is a specially-formulated, extrusion-spun mineral fiber with an interlocking matrix to give increased circulation by bridging and plugging off voids, fractures, all types of permeable formations, and even aquifers. The product provides a strong framework for an extremely durable mud cake. It’s effective in hard-to-plug, permeable, unconsolidated formations because it naturally migrates to areas of high permeability and avoids areas of low permeability. It is an inert, non-damaging LCM/Sweep material compatible with fresh water, salt water, oil-based muds and emulsions, and in completion/work over fluids, as an environmentally safe alternative with LC-50 of one million.

In general lost circulation conditions, Magma Fiber forms a dense packing distribution to effectively plug fractures while being non-toxic, non-fermenting, and resistant to migration. While drilling through the production zone, the wide range of particle sizes protects against the initial mud spurt of hydraulic mud fracturing. In work overs, adding a barrier of Magma Fiber to the production zone well bore greatly reduces the volume of expensive completion fluid lost into reservoirs.

Additionally, the material is thermally stable at temperatures up to 1,800 °F and with a specific gravity of 2.6. There are no buoyant forces caused by the product.

How is Magma Fiber used?

Simply pour it into your mud system and the Magma Fiber nodules mix without high agitation. Removal of the product by simple acidization leaves a greater volume of open flow channels for production – improving well efficiency.

Where is Magma Fiber used?


    Water-Based Muds

    Oil-Based Muds

    Completion fluids

    Workover Operations

    Cement Additive

    Sweep Material


    Acid Soluble – 98.4% in HCL Acid 60/40 blend of HLC and Acetic Acid

    Compatible with all Drilling/Completion Fluids

    Environmentally Safe

    Temperature Stable

    Inert & Non-Damaging

    Non-Fermenting & Non-Corrosive

Magma Fiber is a NSF-certified, patent and trademark-protected product that has been field proven world-wide.

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