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Why is MAGMA FIBER acid soluble?

Magma Fiber shows the major constituents to be: CaO 35.7%, MgO 9.6%, Al2O3 9.3% and SiO2 42.3%. By themselves, only the CaO, MgO and Al2O3 are soluble in an acidic solution. A typical single fiber is not segregated into parts made up of a single compound. On a molecular scale, Magma Fiber is a fairly homogeneous blend of all the elements contained in the material. When Magma Fiber is put into an acid solution, the acid soluble molecules go into solution. When this happens the structure breaks down and the material dissolves. The SiO2 dissolves forming soluble silicic acid. With time, the silicic acid molecules will come together and form short soluble chains of polysilicic acid. Eventually, silica gel may form and drop out of solution. Until then, Magma Fiber will be almost completely acid soluble.


Magma Fiber is compatible with all completion and work-over fluids. The interlocking nature of these fibers provides a framework/matting effect or cake with a resultant reduction in fluid loss to the formation. The volume and rate of fluid loss can be adjusted to any requirements that might be needed. Low alkaline, flexible, inorganic Magma Fiber is inert in completion/work-over fluids. The fiber is non-corrosive to expensive equipment while maintaining a high-solubility in hydrochloric acid. It is particularly adaptable to rework and gravel pack operations.

Magma Fiber is coated with a monomolecular film of a specially formulated surfactant (that speeds separation of the fibers), then formed into nodules. These nodules are formed into loosely connected groups so that when they are immersed in fluids and
subjected to agitation the nodules separate into the individual fibers.

Preferred Acidizing Mixtures

Although Magma Fiber is highly soluble in 7.5% to 15% HCl acid, it is recommended that a 10% HVL / 5% acetic mixture be used when available. Using this mixture ensures that the silica acid remains in solution. One gallon of acid for every two pounds of Magma Fiber should be used. The acid solubility can vary with various acid additives types and quantities.


Magma Fiber can be used as an acid soluble diverting agent to plug perforations when work over operations require isolating the formation from contact with the wellbore, such as in milling packers or scale clean-out. Magma Fiber can be used as a temporary bridging material to fill the perforation tunnels prior to gravel packing operations. Using Magma Fiber allows a controlled leakoff of completion fluids to the formation during gravel packing. Magma Fiber is best used in a pill or slug form at concentrations of 25 lb per barrel mixed with a compatible polymer or fluid loss additive to the type fluid being used. The polymer must be sheared and filtered prior to mixing the Magma Fiber.

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