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Suggested Product Application

Controlling Seepage

Pump a 30 Barrel pill to sweep the well bore. Pill should be mixed with 5 to 8 pounds per barrel of Magma Fiber Regular or Fine. Pill should be pumped slowly across formation that is taking fluid. Also effective is adding one bag of Magma Fiber to the suction pit every 30 to 45 minutes, after initial seepage has been controlled, as maintenance.

10% Lost Returns

Mix 30 bbl pill with 10 pounds per bbl of Regular Magma Fiber and 4 pounds per bbl of Fine. Displace pill across loss zone and circulate at a reduced rate.

10% - 50% Lost Returns

Mix 50 bbl pill of 15 pounds per bbl of Regular and 12 pounds per bbl of Fine Magma Fiber. Displace pill across lost zone and pull pipe up above pill (into Surface Casing if set). Let hole stand static for three to four hours, keeping hole full of fluid by adding to the backside of casing from the surface. After letting pill set for the 3 hours if wellbore is staying full, stage pipe back to bottom and circulate pill out of well. If the well is still taking fluid run pipe back in and pump another pill and repeat process.

50% Total Lost Returns

Depending on rig facilities, mix 50 to 100 bbl pill at a concentration of 30 pounds per bbl of the Regular and 15 pounds per bbl of Fine Magma Fiber. Displace pill across suspected loss zone and pull pipe above pill or into casing if possible. Let hole set static and follow above procedure.

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