Magma Fiber

Data Sheet

The Acid Soluble Lost Circulation Material

Onshore Drilling Rig

Magma Fiber is a specially-formulated, extrusion-spun mineral fiber which forms an interlocking matrix. Circulation is restored as Magma Fiber bridges and plugs off voids, fractures and all types of permeable formations. The product provides a strong framework for an extremely durable mud cake.

It's effective in hard-to-plug, permeable, unconsolidated formations because it naturally migarates to areas of high permeability.

It is an inert, non-damaging LCM/Sweep material compatible with fresh water, salt water, oil-based muds and emulsions, and in completion/work-over fluids, as an environmentally safe alternative with NSF certification.

In general lost circulation conditions, Magma Fiber forms a dense packing distribution to effectively plug fractures while being non-toxic, non-fermenting and without any resulting formation damage.

While drilling through the production zone, the wide range of particle sizes protects against initial mud spurt of hydraulic mud fracturing.

In work-overs, adding a barrier of Magma Fiber to the production zone wellbore greatly reduces the volume of expensive completions fluid lost into reservoirs. Additionally, its acid solublity allows for easy removal.

Thermally stable up to 1,800 °F, Magma Fiber can be used in any temperature conditions. With a specific gravity of 2.6, buoyant forces are not caused by the product.

What is Magma Fiber?

Typical Chemical Analysis of Magma Fiber
Composition % Weight
SiO2 38-42
Al2O3 9-11
CaO 30-35
MgO 9-11
Fe2O3 6-10
Total Alkalines as Na2O 1-2
SO3 <03
Loss on ignition 1800F <05
pH in water 7.8
% water-soluble Sulfate <0.05

Simple to use


Magma Fiber should be added directly into pits and gunned into the mud. It can also be mixed through the mud hopper, but it is much slower. Concentrations of up to 30+ lb/bbl in slug treatments can be used or as an additive to the entire system.

Concentrations of ½ bags every 30 minutes for ongoing seepage to concentrations of 5-15 lb/bbl have been used for seepage/partial or total losses. When more than 6-10 bags are mixed at once, someone should be at the shaker screen when the slug comes around to clean or bypass the shaker screen.


When acid solubility is not important, a combination of materials can be added to ensure a good particle size distribution.

  • Acid soluble - 98.4% in HCl acid
  • 60/40 blend of HCl and Acetic Acid
  • NSF certified
  • Environmentally safe
  • All drilling/completion fluid compatible
  • Temperature stable
  • Inert & non-damaging
  • Non-fermenting & non-corrosive
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