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Application Data Sheet


Magma Fiber is manufactured by means of a patented process where melted rock is extrusion-spun into a fiber. The product is then coated with a specially formulated surfactant to speed separation of the fibers. Magma Fiber then is nodulized and sacked into 30 pound bags for the Regular and 25 pound bags for the Fine product. Nodulizing the products makes it pourable and easier to mix through the hopper.


Magma Fiber can be used in concentrations of up to 30+ lb/bbl in slug treatments or as an additive to the entire system. Magma Fiber has been used in concentrations of ½ bag to 1 bag every 30 minutes for ongoing seepage / partial losses. Magma Fiber is non-ionic so it can be used with all types of mud systems, including oil-based mud.


Magma Fiber can be added directly through the hopper. The nodulized material makes it pourable. The material is loosely packed in the bags and will be somewhat compressed from being transported and palletized. It is suggested that the person who is applying the Magma Fiber first drop the bag of product on its side once or twice prior to opening it. This will jar the nodules of Magma Fiber apart and make it easier to pour down the hopper.

It is important to make sure that the throat of the hopper is clean and not partially blocked. If the area around and under the butterfly valve is caked with drilling fluid additives, get and barite, it will slow the mixing of the Magma Fiber considerable. The hopper throat and mixing chamber should be cleaned prior to mixing.

The initial amount in the top of the bag may need to be raked out of the bag by hand to make sure that a large clump of nodules does not fall in and block the hopper throat. After the initial or top section of the bag is mixed, the rest of the bag can be poured slowly into the hopper. This is a fibrous material; it will not mix through the hopper if the entire bag is dumped into the hopper at one time. Shake and pour the Magma Fiber slowly into the hopper and the hopper's suction will pull it down the hopper throat. Product should be able to mix at a bag per minute, if it is necessary to mix the Magma Fiber at a faster rate, it can be washed down the hopper using a 2 mud line or water hose. Tie the mud line at the top of the hopper so that it sprays at an angle down the side of the mud hopper and creates a whirlpool effect. Rake the Magma Fiber into the hopper and the fluid will carry it into the hopper throat. The fluid will also make a moisture seal at the hopper throat, helping the hopper's suction pull the Magma Fiber down.

The product can also be mixed by dumping and gunning the Magma Fiber into the surface of the mud pits. Drop the bags of Magma Fiber Regular on their side to loosen the nodules, then cut the bag open and pour in next to the mud discharge line, or dump the bag out on the grating and kick the product into the mud pits. Magma Fiber has a specific gravity of 2.6, but it will have a tendency to float on the surface due to its fibrous nature until it is wetted. If the product is mixed at the mud pits, a gun line will be needed to wash it into the surface with.


1. Clean the hopper first!
2. Drop the bag on side to jar nodules loose.
3. Do not dump entire bag in the hopper at one time.
4. Rake or pour the product slowly into the hopper.

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