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Completion Fluid

Magma Fiber is a fluid loss additive composed of clumps of long fibers manufactured from spun molten rock. The mineral composition is largely composed of CaO and SiO2. Magma Fiber is 95-98% soluble in 7.5% HCl. Magma Fiber can be mixed in all brines and with or without HEC. Magma Fiber readily dissociates into individual fibers when mixed in brines. These fibers form a fluid suspended mat that can effectively bridge off formation permeability.


Magma Fiber is a specially formulated, extrusion spun mineral fiber. This coarse, long flexible fiber will bridge and plug off voids, fractures and all types of permeable formations. Magma Fiber is compatible with all completion and work-over fluids.

The interlocking nature of these fibers provides a framework/matting effect or cake with a resultant reduction in fluid loss to the formation. The volume and rate of fluid loss can be adjusted to any requirements that might be needed. Low alkaline, flexible, inorganic Magma Fiber is inert in completion/work-over fluids. The fiber is non-corrosive to expensive equipment while maintaining a high-solubility in hydrochloric acid. It is particularly adaptable to rework and gravel pack operations.

Magma Fiber is coated with a monomolecular film of a specially formulated surfactant that speeds separation of the fibers, then is formed into nodules. These nodules are formed into loosely connected groups so that when they are immersed in fluids and subjected to agitation the nodules separate into the individual fibers.


Magma Fiber is an effective method for fluid loss control. Caution must be taken to ensure proper mixing. Acid solubility varies with iron sequesting agent type and quantity.

Procedure in Brine

1. Mix 25 bbl pill
2. Add 25 bbl brine (filter to 2 micron 5,000 beta)
3. Add 25 lbs per bbl Magma Fiber
4. Pump and observe pressure when pill reaches perforations

Procedure in Brine with HEC or PAC material

1. Add 25 bbls of filtered brine
2. Add 2-3 ppb HEC or PAC material into brine
3. Shear and filter pill
4. Add 25 lbs per bbl Magma Fiber
5. Pump pill and observe pressure when pill reaches perforations

´╗┐Typical Chemical Analysis:

Total Alkalines as Na2O
0.5 or less
pH in Water
Loss on Ignition
Less than 0.5
% Water Soluble
Less than 0.2
Water Soluble Sulfate
Less than 0.05
Melting Point


Magma Fiber can be used as an acid soluble diverting agent to plug perforations when work over operations require isolating the formation from contact with the wellbore, such as in milling packers or scale clean-out. Magma Fiber can also be used as a temporary bridging material to fill the perforation tunnels prior to gravel packing operations. The product allows a controlled leak off of completion fluids to the formation during gravel packing. It is best used in a pill or slug form at concentrations of 25 lb per barrel mixed with a compatible polymer or fluid loss additive to the type fluid being used. The polymer must be sheared and filtered prior to mixing the Magma Fiber.

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